What is ​corporate culture, and why it is crucial​?

What is enterprise culture?

Culture comprises the values, norms, practices and behaviours of a company’s staff. It describes how the team interacts with colleagues and external stakeholders, and it refers to the beliefs and behaviours of staff when performing business transactions. Enterprise culture develops over time from the cumulative traits and attributes of the owners and people the company hires. It describes the ways a company’s owners and employees think, feel and act, and corporate culture is often implied and not explicitly defined. The owner of a startup will have a significant influence on the culture of the business by contributing to the set of values, practices and ethics.

What is the importance of the enterprise culture?

Business culture can be a particularly important consideration for small businesses and can play an immense role in the success of such a business. A company with a positive culture may increase employees’ commitment and productivity. However, a passive culture may inhibit a company’s growth or even contribute to its failure. A healthy business culture attracts stakeholders to deal with the business.

How to build up a corporate culture?

Culture, like any other systems, can be built through proper planning and control, including positive actions, values, incentives, communication and competent staff. Management builds a corporate culture to enable the enterprise purposes first, then enriched by values, norms and practices influenced by the owner. Staff traits and experiences add to the organization culture. Also, overall practices to manage the enterprise impact the corporate culture. As culture is usually implied, it is vibrant to any attitudes and behaviours made by enterprise management. Besides, owners enforce corporate culture through effective communication and improvement. Hiring staff that, can well integrate to the corporate culture, is a key to improve any business culture. Last, any culture needs time to build up and reach maturity.

How to communicate your business culture?

Your business culture shows the beliefs and values spelt out in your mission statement. It could consist in part of a corporate symbol, brand and image. This culture is usually reflected in the website, documents, dress code, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions and treatment of clients. It also reflects on the branding, imaging and communication plan of a business. Corporate communication usually reveals the organizational culture through associated logo, brand name, designs, website, writing style or recruitment policies.

Final note

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