Lean Student Program

Executive Summary

  • The (LSP) is designed for secondary-school students (School Yrs: 9-11), who want to learn enterprise management and aspire to become a practising entrepreneur.
  • It will enlighten students with basic enterprise capabilities, enterprise financial skills, how to create and run an enterprise. It will enable students to create, run enterprise simulation and evaluate their enterprising impact.
  • LSP consists of three consecutive modules, which are Learn Enterprise, Create Your Enterprise and Run Your Enterprise.
  • Modules are delivered using interactive and practical learning, online enterprise simulation, self-assessment, teamwork, creating and pitching a business, testing a business,  exercises, examples and discussions.

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What do students learn?

  • Enterprise business and financial basics & how they influence business activity.
  • Enterprise soft skills & how they influence business activity.
  • Assess suitability as entrepreneurs and create a personal development plan.
  • Choose the right business idea.
  • Develop a product-market fit.
  • Develop and validate a business model.
  • Pitch your business model and receive tips for improvement.
  • Run an online enterprise simulation.

Program Hours

  • Module (1)- Learn Enterprise: It will be delivered in 2 hours. 
  • Module (2)- Create Your Enterprise: It will be delivered in 3 hours. 
  • Module (3)- Run Your Enterprise (Online enterprise simulation game): It will be delivered in 2 hours over one session. 

Who to Attend

  • Secondary students (School Years: 9-11).

The Trainer

  • Munther Al Dawood – Enterprise Expert. Click here for Bio Statement.

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