Lean Student Program

Executive Summary

  • The Lean Student Program (Program) targets secondary school students (School Yrs: 9-11), who want to learn enterprise skills and aspire to become a practising entrepreneur. 
  • The Program teaches students the business and financial capabilities and how to create and run an enterprise. 
  • The Program consists of three modules, which are Learn Enterprise, Create Your Enterprise and Run Your Enterprise.
  • Modules are delivered using interactive learning techniques, encouraging group discussions and solving exercises. Students will practise enterprise skills and run an online business simulation.

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What do students learn?

  • Enterprise business and financial basics. Moreover, how they influence business activity.
  • Enterprise soft skills. Moreover, how they influence business activity.
  • Assess suitability as entrepreneurs and create a personal development plan.
  • Choose the right business idea.
  • Develop a product-market fit.
  • Create and validate a business model.
  • Pitch your business model and receive tips for improvement.
  • Run an online enterprise simulation.

Program Hours- 11 Hours

  • Module (1)- Learn Enterprise: 5 hours. 
  • Module (2)- Create Your Enterprise: 4 hours. 
  • Module (3)- Run Your Enterprise (Online business simulation): 2 hours.

Whom to Attend

  • Secondary students (School Years: 9-11).

The Trainer

  • Munther Al Dawood – Enterprise Expert. Click here for Bio Statement.

The Cost

  • Option (1)– One-day intensive course for a total of 7 hours. The cost is £17 per learner (Seventeen Pounds).
  • Option (2)– One hour a week for a total of 11 hours. The cost is £40 per learner (Forty Pounds).
  • Group discount: For the group of 15 learners and above, a 10% discount is applied to the initial cost for all learners. 
  • This cost includes:
    • Delivering the training program as described in this document by one trainer.
    • The group license fee for playing the enterprise simulation game.
    • Soft copy of the coursebook.
    • Completion certificates and progress reports.
    • Online mentorship for one month after the course delivery.

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