Enable success of 1000 potential entrepreneurs.


The Grow Enterprise, is a UK-based initiative, aims at training and mentoring potential entrepreneurs to create and run their businesses. The Grow Enterprise has developed a range of enterprise training modules in compliance with the enterprise vocational education of UK and world best practices. The Grow Enterprise is led by Munther Al Dawood, who have international and wealth of experience in enterprise development.  


  • Honesty
  • Believe in success and growth
  • Customer loyalty
  • Networking & Partnership

Meet The Team

IMG_1664Munther Al Dawood Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Professional

One of GCC’s most experienced enterprise development professionals.  Al Dawood was the General Manager for many manufacturing businesses during 1993-2004. He was eleven years with the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) between 2004 and 2015.  He has managed an investment portfolio worth £100 million.  He was also responsible for Qatar Business Incubation Subsidiary and many enterprise development projects. He has designed and delivered numerous entrepreneurs support programs tailored to the unique conditions of the GCC.  Since 2016, Al Dawood has been the founder of the Grow Enterprise based in UK and involved in developing and delivering enterprise training coursesRead More


Ahmed Abdulwahab- Results- driven entrepreneurial leader

Entrepreneurial leader with 20+ years of international experience conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, leading successful new business development initiatives and startup ventures, and securing investor financing in a broad array of industries that include Social Media/Networking, Education, Publishing, Telecommunications, and Consultancy. Track record of establishing startups, entrepreneurship/incubation hubs, innovations, developing partnership alliances with industry leaders & attracting “best in class” minds. Read More 

Saida Daha- Sales & Business Development Consultant

A successful sales and marketing consultant with extensive experience in the oil & gas, construction, power and security & health industries. Highly skilled in various communication methods including sales presentation and building successful partnership with client within B2B sector. Read More 

Pool of Experts

  • Oxford Innovation- UK, Strategic partner. Read More
  • The agileering- UK, Partner. Read More

Regional Office

Common Sense Management Consultants- United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Read More

Our Partners

  • Oxford Innovation- UK, Strategic partner.
  • The agileering- UK, Partner.
  • Impact Hub Dubai- United Arab Emirates UAE, Hosting partner in UAE. Read More
  • The United Ramin Information Technology Solutions RiTS- Iraq, Hosting partner in Iraq. Read More
  • SmartChart- Saudi Arabia, Hosting partner in Saudi Arabia. Read More
  • ASTCDubai- United Arab Emirates UAE, Hosting partner in UAE. Read More


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