Here is my story of publishing the Mastering Enterprise Skills Book

The idea of the book

Nothing more exciting than achieving accomplishment! After many rounds of writing and reviewing, I have decided to publish the book- Mastering Enterprise Skills For Potential Entrepreneurs. What a fantastic feeling I had when I completed writing the book, I felt very much relieved and delighted.

I started preparing for the book a long time ago and when I had published some successful articles about enterprise and entrepreneurship subjects. After sometimes of blogging these articles, coupled with the encouragement of friends and followers, I thought about using these articles to write a book. My earlier vision was to write a guide that is useful for young entrepreneurs to understand the enterprise skills, processes and tools to succeed in business. At that point, I had only the vision, passion and some scattered articles, which needed harmonisation and reproduction to turn out a book. My passion for sharing enterprise knowledge with young people has driven me to write this book and use it as a reference for developing budding entrepreneurs.

Writing the book

I began the writing process by structuring the book, showing what to write and how to organise the book. Then, I arranged the book to include three chapters comprising the business capabilities, creating and running the enterprise, followed by listing navigated subjects under each chapter. I then completed the first draft of the book, including the three chapters. The book is not only explaining enterprise skills, processes and tools, but it also provides a step-by-step guide to understand, create, run and grow a successful business.

After completing the first draft, I started searching for a professional editor to edit the book by studying offers from online book editors. I have found out the quality of services and charges are varied, and I left with no specific criteria to check and choose the right offer. Then, one of my community networks- NextDoor- has referred me to a professional editor, who edited my book. Besides, I used many editing apps like Grammarly and ProWritingAid, to help me edit the book.

Choosing a title for the book was another challenge; as a result, I used the Google search to gather information about the most searchable titles on enterprise contents. I found that the keywords, e.g. enterprise, skills and potential entrepreneurs, were rarely used in book titles. I took this result and made three title options, of which I ultimately decided on the book title. The title, I have chosen for the book, is ‘Mastering Enterprise Skills For Potential Entrepreneurs’. As far as I know, this chosen title is unique and not used by any of the books that I have searched so far. Moreover, I had to design a book cover, and after searching, I found a professional designer in the Fiverr App, who had created the book-cover design with as cheap as 10 Pounds.

learning more

I have then attended some workshops on how to publish a book including, a workshop presented by Richard Mcmunn of the Book Publishing Academy, a webinar presented by Chandler of the Self-Publishing School and finally a webinar presented by the Kindle Direct Publishing. Out of these workshops, I have gained significant insights into publishing my book. In agreeing with a publisher, my experience wasn’t successful because some publishers have declined my application, and others have asked for upfront money and miracle conditions to publish the book. Based on these discouraging outcomes, I decided to self-publish my book using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Another good practice that I have gone through, was to form a team to check out my book and help to improve the readability of the book. This team has provided me with some useful insights to improve the readability of the book.

Publishing the book on KDP

After rounds of typesetting the book, I have uploaded the manuscript at the KDP as a paperback and e-book. I have used the Kindle Create App to typeset the e-book and the PDF to the paperback. At current, the KDP has approved publishing the e-book, and I still waiting for their approval on the paperback book. After publishing the e-book, I have run a free offer for 5 days, coupled with an intensive campaign, to increase awareness of the book. I have also created an author page on the KDP and applied the merchandising schemes to promote the book.

Final note, get your free e-book

The book is now available at the KDP, and I offer everyone a free e-book – Mastering Enterprise Skills For Potential Entrepreneurs- by clicking this link: . I would appreciate your feedback to improve the quality of the book. You are also invited to register in our newsletter to get updated regularly on our activities by using this link: .


Munther Al-Dawood– Enterprise Expert
Grow Enterprise
United Kingdom

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