The Book: Mastering Enterprise Skills for Potential Entrepreneurs  

 Many potential entrepreneurs, including students and young entrepreneurs, are challenged when it comes to learning enterprise skills. These challenges result from the absence of a concise reference book on enterprise learning, which is informative, easy to understand and follow. This book aims to guide readers to learn the necessary enterprise skills to create and run their businesses. It provides not only a manual for business skills but also a step-by-step guide that will enable readers to master, develop and run an enterprise successfully. This one-stop manual offers a simple explanation of all the essential enterprise skills and learning resources needed for a theoretical understanding of the topic, as well as practical tips for the budding entrepreneur.    

The inspiration for this book came as a result of three decades of experience in enterprise management and the in-depth knowledge of enterprise disciplines which I have gained.   

This book is a practical manual that provides a clear explanation of enterprise skills, and it is divided into three chapters, each of which describes a set of enterprise subject-matter skills. The first chapter explains business skills and guides readers to understand the conceptual framework of enterprise functions. It focuses on the skills, concepts and functions necessary to understand the enterprise. The second chapter guides readers to create an enterprise by developing a viable business concept, product-market fit and business model. The third chapter provides details and steps needed to run and grow an enterprise successfully.  

The book also leads readers to write a corporate strategy, improve the performance and assess the prospective growth of their enterprises. With a clear focus on guiding readers to understand and practice enterprise skills, it also contains practical examples, activities and learning resources.   

A reader will particularly learn:-   

  • The conceptual framework of enterprise functions.    
  • Skills, concepts and functions necessary to understand the enterprise.    
  • Tools necessary for assessing yourself as an entrepreneur.   
  • Steps essential for creating an enterprise, including developing a viable business concept, product-market fit and business model.    
  • Steps significant for running and growing an enterprise successfully.   
  • Tools for assessing the ability of your enterprise to grow.     

Munther Al Dawood, the author of this book, has extensive knowledge and experience in enterprise development. He is the founder of Grow Enterprise, which empowers young entrepreneurs to harness their business skills, create and run an enterprise. Munther is also the developer of the Lean Student Program, which teaches enterprise capabilities to secondary students in the UK. He has designed and delivered many entrepreneur support programs and is also a business advisor for many business initiatives in the UK, such as the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge. Munther was the managing founder of Qatar Business Incubation and many other enterprise projects. He was also the general manager of many manufacturing companies, of which he managed with unbeaten records. He is passionate about sharing his enterprise knowledge with the public by publishing blogs and articles in reputable publications. He also writes for industry publications, including Forbes Middle East, and he speaks around the world on enterprise and entrepreneurship topics. 

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